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Admin - Jan 22, 2006 - 12:07 PM
Post subject: Forum Rules
Welcome to, a new online forum to discuss your latest betting experiences, tips and more.

Our aim is for everyone to enjoy the forums, to post relevant topics and to enjoy discussing betting, gaming, casinos and more. In order for this to be possible, we have set up a few rules for everyone to abide by in order to make the time here a decent one.

[b]No Spamming [/b]- Any members caught advertising their own site or forums through either the forum or PM will have their accounts suspended. In some cases, your IP address may be blocked. We have a section on the main site for links to other forums and betting guides, submit your site there for link exchange.

[b]Be Nice[/b] - This forum is for people to discuss gambling. and at all times members should refrain from posting abuse of any kind. Any members caught doing this may find themselves with a warning, or having their account suspended, maybe indefinitly.

[b]Posting[/b] - Before posting a topic, use the forum search to see if there is already a thread about this subject. Please post useful comments, from your 1st post to your 1000th post. Try not to use 'Txt Spk' and try and make your posts as decent as possible. Keep all your post to the relevant forum. If you cant find a forum for your chosen subject - let us know and we'll add it.

These are the main rules of the forum, but please use common sense when posting on here. Check back regularly for rule updates.

Thanks for taking your time to read the rules, stick around, enjoy your stay and tell your mates about the forum!!
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